Commercial Diving

Underwater Construction, Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs, Demolition, Salvage by ADAS Certified Divers.
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Marine Construction

Wharves, Jetty’s, Marinas, Seawalls, Moorings, Boat Ramps, Pontoons and more
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Project Management

Project Management, Maintenance Programs, Reports, Budgeting, Site Inspections, Drafting and more
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HDSA Civil Construction

Protective Coatings, Corrosion Control, Erosion Control Systems, Structural Steel Work, Sandstone Structures and more
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The Underwater, By The Water, For The Water Experts

HDSA Group (Hope Diving Services Australia Pty Ltd) are at the forefront of the Marine Construction and Commercial Diving Industry.

Although a Sydney based Underwater Construction company, HDSA Group work Australia wide. In particular, we specialise in the inspection, maintenance and construction of marine structures including wharves, jetties, sea walls and pontoons. This often also involves creating Annual Maintenance Plans for all assets on the wharves and project managing new construction projects.

HDSA has expanded significantly since its establishment in 2004 and is now one of the largest On-Shore Commercial Diving Companies that operates out of the East Coast of Australia. Much of this is attributed to hard work and the innovative approach HDSA Group take when planning or reviewing construction. Time after time, HDSA Group brings a unique and innovative perspective to projects based on experience and knowledge. The result is often savings in time and money.

HDSA has multiple teams comprised of Commercial Divers, Heavy Equipment operators, Labourers and Bridge & Wharf Carpenters. All of HDSA staff are highly trained in all aspects of Marine Construction and are constantly striving to stay at the top of their respective fields, with up to date skills and practical industry knowledge.

HDSA operates using a wide range of its own equipment including two 5 tonne Crawler Cranes, a Barge with a full Dive Setup and 3 tonne Hiab Crane and Hydraulics.


Occupational Health & Safety within our company

HDSA Group is committed to achieving optimum Occupational Health Safety, Environmental and Operational Management. HDSA aims to proceed with no lost time due to injury and with the best possible output to provide the best quality of work to the clients. HDSA Group aims to achieve an integrated approach to health and safety in all workplaces through active involvement of management and employees at all levels, and to enable employees to contribute to the making of decisions affecting their health, safety and welfare.


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