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This part of the peninsula was once used by European settlers as a coal mine and after the closure of the mine a company named Howard Smith used the site for fitting out ships. The timber wharf dates from this time. Although no longer operating as a chandler, Howard Smith was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange until mid 2001 when it was taken over by Wesfarmers. Now Hopetoun Quays boasts 108 townhouses with a marina development in Birchgrove, covering several acres that cascade down to the shores of Sydney harbour with extensive gardens and water features. HDSA is responsible for the refurbishment of this historic structure. As part of the refurbishment project a full inspection above and below water was carried out and a report compiled and a periodic maintenance schedule developed. HDSA oversaw the consent process through NSW Maritime. Among the maintenance work to be undertaken is restoration of the decking, Pile repairs including Pile Splicing, Strengthening Can Installation and HDPE Jacket Installation.


Hopetoun Quays, Birchgrove (2009- ongoing)


  • Inspection of all piles under the residential wharf 
  • Inspected 200m wharf deck 
  • Development of maintenance plan 
  • Developed proposal for DA Approval 
  • Replace 300Lm of hardwood decking 
  • Roll and refurbish remaining decking. 
  • Timber F17 turpentine pile splices 
  • Install grout filled HDPE Jackets 
  • Install pile strengthening cans 
  • Ladder works 
  • Supply and install of safety equipment (complete buoy in box) 
  • Anode installation
  • On land step repairs
  • Installation of public recycled seating
  • Termite inspection



Hopetoun Quays Manager




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