Commercial Diving

Underwater Construction, Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs, Demolition, Salvage by ADAS Certified Divers.
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Marine Construction

Wharves, Jetty’s, Marinas, Seawalls, Moorings, Boat Ramps, Pontoons and more
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Project Management

Project Management, Maintenance Programs, Reports, Budgeting, Site Inspections, Drafting and more
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HDSA Civil Construction

Protective Coatings, Corrosion Control, Erosion Control Systems, Structural Steel Work, Sandstone Structures and more
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Commercial Diving Operations

All HDSA Group Commercial divers are ADAS trained in the use of Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA).


Our divers are all very experienced in all facets of marine construction and underwater operations.


We have 4 qualified and experienced teams that are available during business hours and also on call, should you have any emergencies.


We can help with all of your Commercial Diving needs including:


  • Underwater Construction


  • Underwater Inspections – Complete with written report, underwater video, as required.


  • Maintenance Programs


  • Repairs


  • Demolition


  • Salvage


  • Underwater Broco Cutting


  • Underwater Cable Laying


  • Underwater Welding


  • Anode Installation


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